Refuse to be Passive

Snow, traffic lights, and caffeine induced happiness

In Life in General on November 18, 2010 at 9:56 am

Last night we got our first real snowfall. The sky dumped 8 cm of snow onto our fair city, and this morning I work to a chilly winter wonderland. The roads were getting covered yesterday evening already, and the sky just kept giving us more. People drove carefully, and the green and red traffic lights reminded me of Christmas. I may be wearing a subtle tribute to Christmas through my red and green socks today, but they’re hidden under my slacks, so unless someone is looking, they probably won’t notice. Now, I should clarify, I said our first real snowfall, but basically all that means is over 1cm. We’ve had snow prior to this once, and it was enough to blanket everything in white, but it would have been like a light sheet versus a duvet if we were comparing the two. This is get out the snow shovel kinda snow. Have I mentioned that I love renting? I only have to shovel the ten feet from my door to the sidewalk and my landlord takes care of the rest. Why they can’t shovel those ten feet as well, I’ll never know, but I’m not complaining. The last place I lived required considerable shoveling abilities, so this lack of shoveling seems like a bit of a gift.

On  a potentially related note, the people I’m interacting with this morning seem absurdly happy. Giddy smiles all around. Now, it may have been that I was pouring world-class coffee into their cups, or it might have been the weather and the contagiousness of snow love before it just get’s old– let’s say, January or February. Right now, it’s still a novelty, and that makes it great. Or maybe it has nothing to do with the snow. Maybe they’re doing what I did yesterday–running on adrenaline. It’s amazing how chipper you can be after a night with little sleep. The other evening I got 4 hours of sleep and the next day one of my co-workers stopped me to ask me why I was smiling so much that day. My answer? Adrenaline and copious amounts of caffeine. The great thing is, I’m in a good mood today too, even though I haven’t ingested any caffeine to kick start me yet. However, this morning I did have time to do devotions, take a shower, get in a bit of weight training, and have a hot breakfast. Now if that’s not a great start to the day, I don’t know what is.


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