Refuse to be Passive


In Life in General on November 17, 2010 at 12:35 pm

I really admire people who have the gift of patience. It’s not something I posses. I’m a pull-no-punches kinda girl. Sometimes I can be truthful to the point of being harsh, and am only too willing– with certain people– to tell them where to get off. My sister is completely unlike me in that she has patience to a fault. She’s always encouraging and willing to stop and explain, even if it’s for the third time. There do seem to be disadvantages to being a gentle spirit though.  My sister is  a bit of a pushover. If I can come up with a half decent excuse to not show up for a workout or swimming in the morning, she’s pretty willing to let me off the hook– not the most brilliant trait in an accountability partner. I, on the other hand, basically tell her to either show up or catch up. If she misses a workout, she needs to make it up before the end of the week. I don’t feel bad about doing this to her; she’s the one training for a triathlon. But sometimes my willingness to tell it like it is gets me into trouble. Sometimes it makes me feel like a jerk. Sometimes it really does make me a jerk. I need to find some way to temper this trait with patience.

Someone once said, “Act how you want to become, and you’ll become how you act.” This is easier said than done. Many times when I get aggravated with a person, the last thing that pops into my mind is to be patient with them. While I no longer use stinging sarcasm in my regular speech, I’m still quite good at telling people what I think– particularly if I know they won’t hold it against me for too long. A friend told me last night that he found it refreshing. I just find it plain old dangerous. I hope that it’s not a part of me personality that shines through on a regular basis, because while I don’t mind being know for speaking my mind, it’s not all I want to be known for. I also want to be known for being a happy, fun-loving person with a heart for others. Can the two go hand in hand?


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