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Early Mornings

In Life in General on November 16, 2010 at 10:22 am

There’s something about working out in the morning that starts your day off on the right foot. For the past few weeks my sister and I have been swimming Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and hitting up the weight room on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today I used the Rear Deltoid Fly machine, and my arms feel like they’re going to fall off. Even lifting my eyeliner to my eye when putting on my make-up after my workout caused me to shake. It was entertaining in an odd sort of way. And then, when I made the coffee at work today, I had to focus on not dropping the pot while walking around the office and asking people if they wanted any.

Along with the occasional soreness and exhaustion of muscles, the other thing that working out in the morning requires, which seems like a bad thing, is getting out of bed by 5:45 in the morning. When people hear that they groan, look at me like I’m crazy, or say, “I wish I could get up that early.” Believe me, getting out of bed in the morning is the toughest part. I prep my bag the night before and pack my lunch so that when I get up I throw on my workout clothes, have time for a quick bite of breakfast, pull my hair back, and am on my way. How do I push myself to do this day after day? It’s all about accountability. Erika picks me up for the gym, so I can’t decide to just not get out of bed– and neither can she. As for the pool, we meet there, but then carpool to work as I can walk to the pool from my house.  Skipping isn’t an option for either of us and this strategy seems to work remarkably well.

I now notice that when I get out of the gym I feel awake and ready to start my day. My mood is usually better than it would be if I’d stayed in bed, and I have more energy. I think I might be turning into a workout junkie, because while I don’t have the strength of Wonder Woman, and most people at the gym lift twice the weight I do, I really enjoy it. On the weekends I even miss it. I think it’s called being healthy. Yea for endorphins!

FYI– while weight lifting doesn’t burn as many calories as a cardio workout, it does take more energy to maintain muscle than fat. So get to that gym and work it out!


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