Refuse to be Passive

First Snow

In Life in General on October 25, 2010 at 9:05 pm

I woke up this morning, looked out the front door, and shivered as I gazed out over a blanket of white. October 25th, the first snowfall of the year. While I am a self-proclaimed snow hater, there’s something nice about the first snow of the year. I suppose what I really don’t care for is the ice and the cold that comes along with the snow.  For example, if it could be 10 degrees Celsius and with snow, I think I might even take up snowboarding. As it is, cold and snow seem to be wed to one another. But, for every snow hater out there, there is a snow lover. One of my friends was practically doing a happy dance today because of the white stuff on the ground. He’s counting down the days until he can hit the slopes. Those are odd people to be sure. Hopefully the white stuff will stay away until I’m able to get winter tires for my car. Last year I stuck with my all-seasons, but when you live in the land of snow, ice, and horrible snow removal service, winter tires could come in handy. They’re pricey, but worth it I’m told. They’d better be. I had other plans for that money. Cars sure are expensive. It makes me want to give mine up…almost. That and I’m not a big fan of scraping off the wind shield and then having the snow sneak it’s way between your mitts and your coat, freezing your wrists. On the other hand, there are things in the winter season that make things better, like Christmas for example. Or my birthday. December certainly was a great month in 1984.

And so, thinking of Christmas, I sign off and aim to make good on my promise that I will indeed read my textbook tonight. Yea for distance learning and working full time. It’s nearly as much fun as it sounds.


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