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My Reputation

In Food, Life in General on October 15, 2010 at 2:47 pm

One of my co-workers told me today that there are certain people she associates with certain things. For example, she has a friend who she associates with English, and any time she has a grammar question, she goes to this friend. For her, I am the baking friend. To her, when she thinks baking, she thinks of me. I must admit, that while I’m glad I have an English degree, I find it much more delightful to be her baking friend than her English friend. The truth of the matter is that I can whip up some mean ginger cookies, but still have issues with comma splices and misplaced modifiers.

Today at work there was a bake sale to help raise funds for the Pakistan Relief Effort. I donated a few things– peanut butter chocolate fudge, Rice Krispie squares, ginger cookies, apple muffins, apple banana spice cake, and a pie. Apparently the people at the table were name dropping, and when my name came up, people bought. I guess I have a wee bit of a reputation as a baker ever since last year when I auctioned off 8 homemade pies for a silent auction in support of the United Way.

The number one question I get from people who know my baking is, “Where’d you find the recipe.” The typical answer is, “Online.” Well, today was no different. So for those of you who wonder where my yummy treat ideas come from, I’m about to tell you.  They come from and (previously Interestingly enough, most people have heard of these sites, and even use them on a regular basis. So why is it that my baking stands out? Well, my only thoughts are that I only use 5 star recipes with lots of reviews, and then I make sure I read through other users comments. If it’s not easy to make, I’ll usually only make it once. My true keepers have less than ten ingredients, and all of them easy to come by.

So, if you love baking but have never checked out these sites, it’s well worth your effort. Happy baking!


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