Refuse to be Passive

Window Washers

In Life in General on September 24, 2010 at 11:15 am

The other day I was downtown for some work seminars, and noticed that there were shadows of people outside coming through the curtains. Normally, you wouldn’t even notice something like this, but when you’re on the 9th floor, all of a sudden one has a new perspective. They were window washers, walking this long think plan squeegeeing the windows clean. I remembered that the air outside was crisp, although the day was beautiful. I noticed that the shadow’s hair was blowing around and that made me think that those men must be cold! So not only are they hundreds of feet above the ground, hanging on a platform attached to the building by cables, but they’re also cold. That is not a job I think I’d enjoy. Imagine having that job if you had vertigo. Ugh. It would probably make my mother dizzy just reading about it.
Short post, I know, but I gots me some work to do. Have a good one!


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