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A New Year

In Life in General on September 1, 2010 at 9:40 am

The New Year is typically thought of as January 1st, but for millions of children, the new year is September 1st, when they go back to school. Today I sat on the bus on my way to work, the engine rumbling, students jostling for a comfortable position. One boy caught my eye. He must have been 12 years old, blond hair, brand new hoodie, and a look on his face of a scared rabbit. He cautiously approached a couple of other youth and asked if they were going to the same school as him. They said they weren’t. This boy then became distressed because he wasn’t sure if he’d missed his stop. I asked him where he was going, he told me, and I promised to let him know which stop to get off at. The relief in his eyes was evident and I found myself feeling a little sorry for him. New school years were always exciting– the classes were new, and you got to see your friends again. But switching schools is tough, especially when you need to make new friends. Add on top of that organizing your own transportation and it would be a day of trepidations rather than anticipation. I was glad I could help out this boy, and felt slightly wistful for the smell of newly sharpened pencils, the crackling of a new notebook, and the reunion with friends.

At this time of year my mind always turns towards that Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan movie “You’ve Got Mail.” At one point Joe Fox (played by Hanks), sends an e-mail to Kathleen Kelly (Ryan) commenting on how fall always makes him want to buy school supplies, and that if he knew her name and address (they’d met in an online chat room) he’d send a bouquet of sharpened pencils. Love it! This is also the season of Pumkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. I had my first yesterday. I try to keep them for special treats, but oh, I do love them. I just have to remember to order them half-sweet or they’re right on the verge of cloying.

I love autumn, and I wish that the turning of the leaves took longer in Edmonton, before the cold of winter sets in, but for now, rather than lamenting the shortness of the season, I’ll embrace it for all it’s worth.


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