Refuse to be Passive

Consistantly Inconsistant

In Food, Life in General on August 7, 2010 at 8:54 pm

I used to blog at least every other day. I don’t know what’s happened. It’s like the well of creativity has dried up. Even my metaphors are unoriginal.

This weekend I’m taking care of my sister’s dog– Maggie. She’s a white/cream lab cross with something else thrown in there. She’s been a delight. Last night we wandered down to the ravine, although didn’t spend much time there as the clouds rolled in quickly and the mosquitoes were swarming us.
This morning we were up on-time, had breakfast and headed downtown to go to the farmer’s market. She was an excellent dog, although I had to keep here lead short, as there were many other dogs around, and kids– which she loves. Thankfully, she’s a well trained dog, who sits on command, even if she’s still working on the concept of “stay.” From there we headed back to my place for an afternoon of chores, gardening, and watching TV. I also did a bit of baking–Rosemary Peasants Bread. Delicious. So delicious that half of it is gone already. Whoops. I knew I’d stopped baking for a reason. But darn, I do make a good loaf of bread.
Tomorrow I might take Maggie down to the river after church, and hopefully the mosquitoes won’t be too bad. I might have to go out and buy some bug spray before I head down there, maybe they’ll be bearable then.
The only downside is that she seemed to smell a bone burried under my lawn, so there is now a hole beside my stone pathway, and she managed to break most of my rhubarb as well. That rhubarb has had a rough summer. First, with a neighbour who cut my lawn and hit my rhubarb and sapling at the same time, and now a dog. Thankfully rhubarb seems hard to kill once it’s established, so I expect she’ll bounce back.
Honestly though, I got so many compliments on Maggie, from how pretty she was to how obedient, and if my sister and her husband ever decide they can’t keep her, I’ll be at the front of the line to take her off their hands. She really is a delight, even if she does get those sad eyes when I don’t feed her human food.


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