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The Irish have landed!

In Life in General on July 27, 2010 at 9:22 am

This morning I forgot the charger for my cell phone at home. Annoying but true. So when I clicked my phone on this morning I had my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t just shut down on me. Thankfully it didn’t, it just gave annoying intermittent beeps to remind me of what I already knew, the battery was low. I had enough time to shoot off a quick text and check two messages, which were both from the same person. But these messages put a smile on my face. Here’s why.

Whenever I go hosteling I give out my contact information to anyone I hang out with on the off chance that they ever come to Edmonton and want a local’s view. Today, for the first time, I had a message on my cellphone from a fellow traveler.  His name is Neil and he’s from Ireland. I met him a couple of weeks ago in Vancouver. He had intended to take the rest of the summer going through the Rockies and then eventually head for Edmonton.  Apparently he made it here early. I’m sad I missed both his calls and as he’s new to town, he doesn’t have a cell phone yet. His timing is rather off, as I have plans for the next two evenings, and then head out of town for the long weekend and won’t be back until Tuesday evening. But I’m sure he’ll survive his first week in Edmonton on his own just fine. Now if only we can actually manage to get a hold of each other…


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