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A new lease on life.

In Life in General on July 26, 2010 at 11:56 am

I just signed a rental agreement for a tiny bachelor suite I’ll be moving into come September. It’s probably 450 square feet, and not much storage outside of a tiny closet and the kitchen cupboards. Time to get creative! One thing I’ll be doing is purging of stuff. There are a couple of keys to making a bachelor apartment work. One of them is keep the “stuff” to a minimum, otherwise your place always looks messy. And the other thing is, don’t fight against the challenges, embrace them.

It’s one big room. I could fight against the fact that currently the kitchen is the focal point of the room, or I could embrace it. Don’t try to hide the kitchen- simply make it fabulous.

I could use a room divider to try to create a bedroom section or I can be creative and turn my bed into a multi-purpose piece– a co-ed (couch/bed). Okay, so I totally made up that term. I’m looking at this Concord Daybed, which would also allow for storage underneath. My older sister, Erika and I hit up Ikea to determine good layout ideas and such. Ikea always exhausts me, and while I don’t know that I’d buy much furniture there, but it definitely got the ideas going.

The area of the city I’m going to be living in is three blocks from the river valley and has decent bus service to Whyte, downtown, and work. So at least when the weather is good, I’ll make use of public transit. Just another way to reduce environmental impact.

The second key is to make everything multi-purpose. Use an old trunk for a coffee table, and you can store afghans inside. Use your bed as a couch (as mentioned above).  Use bar stools at the counter rather than having a kitchen table.

I’m pretty excited, and I’ve already had a number of people offer to store any extra stuff that I might want to keep for the future, but don’t have room for in my new place. This is fantastic, as my camping stuff, etc. won’t have a place in my new place. It’s like getting a storage unit for free! Whoot! Gotta love friends.


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