Refuse to be Passive

For the love of fresh fruit

In Food on July 22, 2010 at 9:13 am

I hope that someday I live in a location where fresh fruit is available in abundance, and at a decent price. Currently I live in a city where all the fruit has to be shipped at least 12 hours, which doesn’t make for cheap fruit, let me tell you. And usually it has been harvested early so that it keeps well until it’s sold. But there is something about allowing fruit those extra few days on the tree to plump up and develop scrumptious flavours. Even if you have a perfectly ripe peach (which is hard to attain if it’s been shipped– one side usually ripens before the other and you either have a half hard peach or a mushy mess), but it’s been picked early, you won’t get that juicy sweetness you’re looking for.

I just read someone’s blog about poaching apricots and serving it with creme fraishe. It sounded absolutely divine. But what I really envied was the fact that she talked about splitting the apricot along the seem and pulling out the pit–the apricot staying fully intact. Now I don’t know about you, but pitted fruit is usually a bit of a war zone for me. The pits never come out easily, and this too I am convinced is from them being harvested too early. But oh, poached, spiced apricots; I just had breakfast and I’m still drooling.


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