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Flushing Toilets—It’s Not That Hard People!

In Life in General on July 22, 2010 at 4:25 pm

We’ve all had it happen. You walk into a stall in the public washrooms and the person before you has neglected to flush. As far as I know, flushing the toilet isn’t rocket science. And on the whole, the “if it’s mellow let it yellow” thing only works at home. So why is it that so often you are forced to flush the toilet before you use it?

Is it, perhaps, that people don’t want to flush the toilet because they’d have to touch the handle? It shouldn’t be, because if the handle is that grimy, so is the lock on the stall. But, if it makes you feel better, you can always use your shoe to flush the toilet–you don’t even need to take it off your foot! Although I suppose you could, and then use it like a glove…

What other reasons could there be? Well, there’s the “forgot” reason, but really people. By now, shouldn’t flushing the toilet be second nature? Did you leave your brain in the toilet? Okay, maybe that’s a little mean.

So here are my top 7 (because I couldn’t think of 10) excuses for not flushing the toilet:

1. Your dog ate your homework. –Right….okay, so that doesn’t really count.

2. You’ve got claustrophobia and have to get out of the stall as soon as possible.

3. You don’t  any part of your body, clothed or not, to touch the toilet handle for fear of disease.

4. You’ve just discovered you went into the other gender’s washroom and want to sneak out without being noticed.

5. Someone has pranked your toilet and your butt now has a lobster attached to it.

6. The fire alarm went off and you take very seriously the instructions to stop what you’re doing and get out.

7. You went to grab your camera, because that is the exact yellow you want for your kitchen walls.


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