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In Life in General on July 13, 2010 at 11:31 pm

On Friday afternoon a friend/co-worker jokingly suggested that I ride with her to Vancouver the next morning, as she didn’t want to make the drive alone. Much to her shock and delight, I decided to take her up on it. After clearing this last-minute vacation with my boss, I was given the next week off.

So, here I sit at SameSun Backpackers in Vancouver. Saturday and Sunday night were spent in Surrey at the house of a friend from university. I’d called her parents to check if it was okay for me to crash there, but told them I wanted to surprise my friend. Surprised she was, and we spent the next day and a half hanging out together and catching up on the news. She even took me down to the beach and we hunted small crabs, grabbed some ice-cream, and even got an eyeful at an unofficial nudist beach we stumbled upon.

Monday morning I headed into Vancouver, armed only with a map of the possible hostels to stay at.  My first stop though, as it was early in the morning was Medina, a coffee shop/cafe that my brother-in-law had suggested. Great coffee, good service, nice ambience.

From there I wandered around town, pack on my back, looking for a hostel. The first one I came across was called American Backpackers and was so sketch I don’t think a homeless person would have stayed there.  Actually, when I first walked up to it I thought it was condemned. Needless to say I hoofed it out of there pretty quickly and headed south, where I came across SameSun Backpackers. Much better. Friendly staff, clean rooms, a clean kitchen, internet access, a decent location, and toast and coffee for breakfast. Not the cheapest ever, at $31/night for a bed in a dorm for 6, but at least I didn’t have to worry about catching bedbugs or being robbed.

Thus far, I’ve spent a lot of time outside, checking out markets, parks, the Olympic cauldron (? is that what it’s called?), Gastown, and Granville Island. The last of which is where I spent today, munching on delicious food, and then this evening scoring tickets to improv for tomorrow night. A fellow hosteller and I went for improv tonight, but it was cancelled for a private function. We chatted with the manager, and he offered us free tickets for the next evening, seeing as we were tourists and had limited time to take in a show. Sweet chicken. So now I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow night.

Anyways, tomorrow I meet up with a couple other friends in the early evening, and maybe I’ll hit up Stanley park….is that its name? I’m drawing a lot of blanks tonight.  But that’s it for now, as my internet time has got to be almost up. Signing off. Have a good one.


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