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Back in Halifax and then on home

In Life in General on July 8, 2010 at 9:10 am

My trip ended with a few days spent in Halifax. By that time I was really tired, and all I wanted to do was veg, so that’s exactly what I did. I wandered over to the old graveyard and looked through the gravestones. There’s something amazing about going through a graveyard and seeing all the lives that were lived, and reading about how they’d be remembered. Most of them focus on the character of a person, rather than what they did.  I sat under a tree in the graveyard and read for a while, before meandering up to the public gardens, which were gorgeous. It was a bright sunny day and the garden was filled with people.

The next day I went to Pier 21 with a couple of people I’d met at my hostel. The museum was well put together, but much smaller than I thought it would be. I did find pictures of the ship my parents came over on (same ship, different trips, they were both younger than 5) in the museum and after the tour headed down to the archives to see if I could find passenger lists or anything from their ship. There were an amazing number of ships that came through the harbour at Halifax, and so many people used it as a port into Canada, from working immigrants to war-brides, there were some amazing stories about people who had gone through there. Unfortunately, there was nothing on the ship my parents came over on, aside from some pictures of the boat and a blurb on its history, nothing about the people it carried. That was a bit of a disappointment, but c’est la vie.

After we left pier 21 we were thirsty, and low and behold, there was Garrison Brewing Company right across the street! So, we headed over there to do a beer tasting.

And when I discovered they made chocolate soda, then things got really exciting! Chocolate soda! How could it be bad? Two of the best things in the world combined into one. Yummy.

I was done with beer tasting before my fellow travelers, who decided they needed to try every beer on tap–they were also the slowest beer drinkers in the world–, so I said goodbye and headed down to the harbour front, where low and behold I saw Theodore the tugboat roaming the harbour (sorry he’s so small in the picture).

From there I headed back to the hostel for a quiet evening with a book, and the next morning I took off bright and early, leaving the hostel at 4:45. After catching the shuttle to the airport, I got on my direct flight to Edmonton, and spent an uneventful six hours flying home.

Thanks for following along on my Halifax trip, and while I’m sure I’ve forgotten to tell you some things, you’ll probably hear about it in conversation somewhere in the future.

  1. Theodore Tugboat! Sweet!

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