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Traveling Light: The Cool Things About Hostels

In Food, Life in General on June 4, 2010 at 6:30 am

Where can you stay for less than 30 bucks a night and still have a bed with a comfortor? Hostels! Where can you meet cool new people from around the world and all sit down and play a game of Trivial Pursuit together? A Hostel! By the way, the international aspect is greatly helpful in Trivial Pursuit, especially if you’re just asking the questions and waiting for people to shout out answers. We had two Germans, one Brit, two Canadians, and one…actually I don’t know where he was from. The only thing we didn’t have was an American, and it’s an American game! After having President Ford as an answer twice in a row, every time a question came up about presidents the first answer shouted was, “Ford!” Even if they answer was really obvious, like Abe Lincoln.

I love the people you meet at hostels, particularly if you get a group of people who are all travelling by themselves. It becomes quite the social situation and is brilliant for making new friends from around the world. The hostel in Halifax seems to be inundated with Brits and Germans right now, but we’ve got a Korean or two as well. These are really fun people, and not really part of the partying crowd, which is pretty sweet, because I’m not part of that crowd at all.

The only sad thing about hostels is moving on. You usally lose a few people a day, but they’re replaced by others, and then there are a few who stay on for weeks. But today, I move on from hostel and I become one of the leavers, and all I can do is pray that the hostel in Fredericton has as great people as this one….and as great coffee. There’s a seriously good coffee shop that fronts the hostel, and thus far its the only decent coffee I’ve found in this dreary rainy city. So one more coffee, and Via rail, here I come!

PS– Once I’m back and have uploaded pictures, I’ll have some more specific posts.

  1. Looking forward to them. Hope the new hostel is even more awesome!

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