Refuse to be Passive

Elevator Etiquette

In Uncategorized on May 27, 2010 at 12:42 pm

I’m starting to dislike elevators. No, I’m not becoming claustrophobic, and it’s not even that silence that hangs in the air, whether there’s one or ten people in that little tiny box. No, what I dislike is the point at which you’re in the elevator, it begins to slows down, you hear a “ding”, and the doors slide open. You want to exit the elevator, but someone is already trying to get in. Don’t they understand that before you can fit more tiny people in a box, some want to leave? And that it’s much easier to get into an empty tiny box, rather than one that’s already full?

This happens to me at the library every time. Someone walks into me while I’m trying to get out of the elevator. In good Canadian fashion, they always apologize, back up, and let me and whomever else out of the elevator out, before re-rushing in. What is it with people and thinking that the elevator is only for them? Or do they worry about being crushed by the door if they don’t enter fast enough? I’m not quite sure, but next time you’re hovering by the elevator door, take a step back, so that disembarking passengers won’t feel like they’re being attacked.


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