Refuse to be Passive

Quelling Boredom

In Uncategorized on May 23, 2010 at 8:11 pm

I really have no reason to be bored. I have an entire list of things I could be doing rather than watching TV all evening. But strangely, I don’t really feel like doing any of these things. I don’t really want to work on my short story, or vaccum my living room, or even read the book I’ve been intending to finish for the past few weeks. I don’t want to go outside, as it’s a wee mite chilly, although the rain seems to have left and it’s about time. I like rain, don’t get me wrong, but I like it when it doesn’t interfere with my life. I couldn’t plant my garden this weekend because it was cold and wet. There’s supposed to be sun in the forcast for tomorrow, so there may be a ray of hope there. But my laziness really bothers me, just not enough to do anything about it. I swear that TV is addictive. If you start watching it, it becomes hard to stop. It’s amazing how the things in life that aren’t healthy for you can be addictive, while one dreads doing what is good. At least that’s me. I always say that one of these days I’ll make the change, but I never embrace it wholly, and a new, healthy lifestyle always just becomes a fad. So here is the million dollar question. How do you make a fad stick?


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