Refuse to be Passive

Slow Learner

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2010 at 9:33 am

Last night I went for a walk with my friend, while wet outside, the sky hadn’t opened up yet, and so we traipsed down the steps behind her house and into the valley. We discussed tons of things from family to faith. One thing she brought up was an outdoor church service she’s planning (with the help of others). She’d been e-mailing a friend, trying to nail down particulars and ensure that everything would run smoothly. Her worried tone must have come across the e-mail, because her friend responded and wrote, “Don’t worry. We’ve got lots of people who are eager to volunteer, and God will provide to get his work done.”
I listened to my friend tell me about this, and felt that the message was for me as well.
I’ve been worrying the past few weeks about finding another chaperon for a youth conference coming up next weekend. I’ve been fretting, and searching, and the one person I thought might actually do it I couldn’t get a hold of.
Then, last night, after my walk, I phoned the person I wanted to help chaperon, he was actually home, and had heard that I’d wanted him to help. He’d already decided that he would. Chalk one up to God. I’ve been worrying about something that He’d already taken care of and I just didn’t know about yet.
I am a slow learner, particularly when it comes to worrying. God provides for me time and time again. You’d think I’d get it through my thick skull that everything will work out if you’re working towards the glory of God. He always gives you what you need to do his will, whether your recognize it or not. Sometimes his will may not even be obvious to you and he goes about achieving goals differently than you would. In those times, I remember that I need to trust and not worry. Maybe that’s the sole reason he’s not taking the route I would have. Maybe there’s just something I need to learn.


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