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My Little Garden

In Life in General on April 27, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Yesterday evening I got my plot for the summer in the community garden that’s on the greenstrip behind my house. For a whopping $30, plus some manual labour helping keep the garden boxes in good repair, I can grow my own vegetables this summer. A perk of this is that the garden is completely organic. No herbicides or pesticides. However, that causes some challenges too. So, I’ve been doing a lot of Googling on which plants are companion plats (symbiotic), and which flowers should be planted near which vegetables to keep the bugs and grubs at bay. Some of it is absolutely fascinating. The best plants for acting as a natural pesticide are unfortunately usually harmful to humans and animals at well. And since this is a garden in a fairly public space, I should probably be careful about what I use. I am thinking though that I might let a toad loose in my plot. They’re one of the best natural pesticides there is– they eat almost anything. So, once the weather gets a wee bit warmer, I’ll head out to my patch and prepare the soil for the seedlings. After months of debate with myself over growing from seed or buying the seedling, I chose the seedling route as they’re more likely to have a good root system and as the growing season here is rather short, a good head start is necessary. So, soon I’ll be out plant shopping. Goody! What fun.


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