Refuse to be Passive

Drink beer, gain insight

In Food on April 21, 2010 at 9:37 am

I hate it when I chat with people about eating chocolate and they say something like, “I choose to just have one piece of really good chocolate, and I’m satisfied.” I think this might be a total lie that even they themselves have bought into. Eat one piece of chocolate? Yeah, right.
Or the French, who are known for eating rich foods in small portions. I’m all about the big portions, which might be why I always seem to have weight issues, but that’s really not the point of this post.
I discovered that while I’ve scoffed at people in the past who have said that they can have just a little and feel like it’s enough, there is one area of my food life that that’s also true for. Beer. I would rather have one really good beer, than drink on a more regular basis and drink crap.
I’d never thought of this until I was out with a friend at the Druid, we got the bill, and he commented on how expensive good beer was. I think a pint of Kilkenny was $7.25, which is pretty high, but they had it on tap and it was oh so delicious. But my friend normally drinks Lucky or something like that because it’s cheaper so it means he can have more on a regular basis (no, I’m not convinced he’s not an alcoholic). But for me, drinking cheap beer is worse than no beer. I’d rather have the occasional beer and really enjoy it than drink substandard beer.
This discovery makes me very happy, as it means I can probably transfer this concept to my other eating and drinking habits, allowing me to eat better in general, in both taste and health benefits. So, for the next while I’m going to try passing up substandard food, and only indulge when there’s something divine available. And the key after that will be to walk away. Divine food is only divine for the first serving, the second inevitably makes me feel a little ill. This should be interesting. Who knew I could learn something by drinking beer?


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