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Jonny Lang and Buddy Guy– Bring on the Blues

In Art, Life in General on April 18, 2010 at 8:52 am

What a weekend! It’s been busy and tiring, but good.

Friday night’s Jonny Lang, Buddy Guy concert was fabulous. I had started to get really excited at around 10am at work, and the day just dragged on! But the evening came, and walking from the parking lot to the venue the excitement really kicked in. My sister and I tend to feed off one another and then we can become something scary. So, since were were there really early, due to misreading the tickets, we did a little scouting and tracked down Jonny and Buddy’s buses. From there we headed inside and our ears were treated to some world-class guitar. It’s truly amazing what those men can do—and their bands were amazing as well. It’s not surprising that the event sold out and there wasn’t an empty seat in the Jubilee. I still get a bit of a shiver when I remember Jonny playing “Turn Around.” Mm…great song. Really great song. And Buddy, well, that man is something else. Talented, yes. Slightly crass, yes. One of the most amazing guitar players I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to? That too. Buddy and Jonny came across so differently. Buddy had a bit of attitude to him, and wasn’t above throwing in the occasional cuss. When Jonny talks though, he just comes across as a really nice, gentle guy. He doesn’t have that general air of confidence nearly toppling into arrogance, that so many famous people have. He seems humble and if you ever met him in person (which I have, although not last night), he even comes across as a bit shy. It’s a surprise because his music is so passionate and makes strong impacts on people, but he himself is fairly unassuming. That’s what I love about him. So really,  I went for Jonny– and my sister did too. And while Buddy was icing on the cake, and was an experience to hear, Jonny for me, was the apex of that show, and I’ll welcome him back to Edmonton anytime.


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