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First Jog of the Year

In Uncategorized on April 18, 2010 at 1:35 pm

I’ve just come back from going for my first jog of the year and I have three words to describe me: out of shape. It makes me sad every spring that I no longer have the stamina or strength I had at the end of the previous summer and must start again, almost from scratch. Because while I remain fairly active throughout the winter, playing volleyball and swimming (which I must admit I gave up a couple of months ago, but that’s a story for another post), I am just so much more active in the summer. Also, I hate going to the gym. Workout rooms make me severely uncomfortable, and who wants to run looking at the same thing ahead of them all the time? Not me. Give me scenery, things to notice so that my mind isn’t so focused on my burning lungs. I also hate lifting weights. Give me boxes to lift, or in yesterday’s case, a filing cabinet, and I’m there. If I’m going to build muscle, I want to do it by doing something useful. Whenever I lift weights at the gym and come out I feel like I’ve been robbed of an hour of my time. There’s nothing to see aside from a wee bit of defninition in my arms that you won’t even be visible for at least six weeks. Give me physical labour to grow muscle, not giant hunks of metal to be heaved up and down just for the sake of it.
But, as a result of hating the gym, it does mean that every spring I start from scratch. But I’ve also noticed that every summer I’m going a bit further than the previous. For example, for the first time in my life, last year I took up jogging. That was the first time ever I was volunteering to jog, rather than being forced into it by a high school gym teacher. I’m pretty proud of that. And now, this year, my goal is to go faster and farther than last year. Yes, I have a specific goal, but I’m not sharing, as I fear that it will make me sound pathetic, especially next to my cousin who runs five miles a day. Yikes! I nowhere near there yet. But all I can worry about it myself– not my cousin. I need to measure my success by myself, and I’ve got a good feeling, it’s going to be a successful summer.


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