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Need a New Hobby

In Food, Life in General on April 11, 2010 at 9:27 pm

So, today I went through my fridge and tossed all the little extras that I’d never gotten around to using up. I’d bee intending to do this for a while, but it was my partially liquified cucumber that was the tipping point. So I went about tossing half a block of tofu, trimming dark spots off my cauliflower, skimming the fat off my turkey stock and tranfering it to containers to put in the freezer, and chucking a couple of apples that were acting as hosts to some mold. Disgusting, I know.
But along with that I’m clearing out all of my refined foods. I’ve taken a challenge to eat no refined foods until the end of this month, and while the first two weeks went really well, the past week has been a disaster, so I’m finally taking the temptation and hiding it– outta sight, outta mind. So my sugars, butter, white flour, and such things are taking a finding new homes either in a large tupperware bin I keep in the basement, or in my deep freeze. Along with that, I’m chucking some other rather unhealthy things that seem to be making me sick as of late– like breakfast sausages. I don’t know if it’s the fat content or what, but they always make me feel a bit queezy.
The problem with this thorough cleaning, is that now I can’t bake. I’m trying to stay away from baking, as even if it’s scones or a loaf of bread, I’ll just devour it. One of the bad things about being a good baker is that you eat all the baking in the house, particularly when your single. Anyway, this means that I need a new hobby. If baking is out, and it could be for a long time if I want this healthy eating thing to stick, then I need something else I can do at home, with minimal financial imput, that will bring me joy. Any suggestions? I don’t really want to go for an instrument, as they’re a bit of an investment, and I don’t know how much my neighbours would love me for it. I do want it to involve working with my hands though, if possible. Any suggestions?

  1. I’ve knitted a few coasters. It might seem old-lady-ish, but you can potentially make some really neat stuff. Presently I’m working on making a pattern to knit a coaster with a Pepsi symbol in it. Don’t ask 😛 The Knitting for Dummies book is a good starter.

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