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You Know You Live In Canada When:

In Art, Life in General on April 9, 2010 at 9:08 am

It snows in April! We’ve had weeks and weeks of lovely spring weather. The daffodils and tulips are popping out of the ground, and then, wham! Yesterday night the wind came up and hasn’t stopped, bending trees to it’s will and making traffic lights swing. The light rain that started turned to wicked blowing snow. The streets were shiny and wet, and the snow swirled across it, blocking out lines that keep cars on track. And the wet streets began to freeze up as the temperature dipped below zero. What had been wet streets turned into slippery streets and driving speeds slowed. The wind continued it’s onslaught with no apparent end in sight.
I drove from downtown home last night, after hearing Joel Cohen, writer and co-executive-producer for the Simpsons,speak last night. Walking to my car was treacherous. The snow beat against my face; the wind whipped my hair. My shoulders were hunched forward and I kept my head down. Both my friend and I bemoaned the fact that we had not worn socks that day and had simply slipped into our shoes. After driving home, worrying not only about my own driving, but also that of others, there was no nicer feeling than to snuggle into bed with a good book. I’m currently working my way through Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. It’s one of those prize winning books that you actually enjoy reading. It’s a book that looks at what makes people tick, what makes them do the things they do. It’s all about the characters, so if you can’t handle that, you might want to skip this book. And while there is some mature content in this book, it’s an in depth look at humanity written exquisitely– and I do love a well written book.


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