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Breakfast Brilliance

In Food on April 6, 2010 at 3:40 pm

On Saturday, one of my friend’s turned 25. Her party was a breakfast brunch, where everyone brought their favourite food. There was homemade granola, fruit salad, bagels, hash browns, maple sausages, and even rum rice pudding. Yummy! The only thing is that my stomach wasn’t big enough to handle it all– though I made a dang good dent in the pile of food. Good food, good people– it got me thinking. Breakfast might just be the best meal of the day. And breakfast with friends, well what could be better than that? I shot out the idea that this brunch should be a weekly idea and got decent feedback, but I think people thought that sounded like a lot of work. But I am not deterred! Therefore, this Saturday morning, from 9-11, whomever would like to come for “brunch” (or even just breakfast) is more than welcome to come to my home for waffles. Do you have a favourite topping? Fantastic! Bring it along. If you’d prefer to bring a non-waffle based dish, that’s great too! I just want to bring great food and friends together. It will be low key, and it doesn’t matter when you arrive. My door will be open (maybe not literally, but it will be unlocked). Can’t make it this week? Well, then make it next week! Actually, that might be a little overzealous. Let’s take this one week at a time…Hmm, I guess this means I now have to buy a waffle maker.

Hope to see you there!

Note: These waffles are lactose free! So there goes that excuse.


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