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Busiest Day of the Year

In Life in General on March 30, 2010 at 6:32 pm

Tomorrow will be the busiest day of my working year. Today, I had student after student walk into my office, wondering about their Financial Aid Application, and dropping off extra information, or inquiring as to the reference letters they needed to have submitted.
Tomorrow, I will undoubtedly have a line up at my door all day. Really, why don’t students take care of these things sooner? Now, I will admit this may be a wee bit of the pot calling the kettle black. I’m really talented at procrastination. For example, currently I should be working on an assignment for my volleyball class that is due at 10 p.m. and instead of doing that, I’m blogging. Oh, and I’ve known this assignment was coming due for about….two months now. Yeah, no procrastination there at all. That being said, once this is done, I have only my exam left to do, part written, part skills evaluation and performance. Yikes!
My league volleyball is also almost over for the year. We took semi-finals last week. We have one week off before we take on the Flying Mongooses for the boasting rights of taking first in tier 8. Okay, so maybe we should be boasting, as we only got to tier 8. Oh well, at least it was fun… for the most part. It’ll probably only take a few weeks before I’m itching to be back on the court again. Maybe I’ll play beach this summer, who knows?


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