Refuse to be Passive

And on it goes…

In Life in General on March 26, 2010 at 10:31 am

Last night was the first evening of my processed food fast that I had nothing on the go, nothing to distract me from cravings. Thankfully, I’d cleaned out my cupboards and fridge of all temptation when I began this challenge, or last night would have been my downfall. But I stuck it out and am quite proud of myself for that. I’m rather used to bowing to the temptation of food, so to not do it is an accomplishment. The weekend will be a challenge, but I feel confident that I’ll survive, and even succeed in keeping my food intake in check.

Today is a long day at work, starting at 8am and going until 6pm. We’ve got students on campus, and I have to be around to help with that, but also to give a presentation, hence staying at work until 6. Well, let’s built up those overtime hours! I can always find a use for them.


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