Refuse to be Passive

Sushi and Such

In Food on March 25, 2010 at 9:22 am

So last night I went to Maki Maki with a friend for sushi. It was the first time I’ve eaten it since traveling to Japan in 2007. While it hadn’t been to my taste at that time, I thought I should give it another try. It turns out that I still am not a fan. I have a hard time getting over the slight sweetness of the rice and the general texture of raw fish. But it’s definitely more texture than taste that seems to give me issues. That being said, there is something delightful about sushi. You can eat a ton of it and not feel bogged down, like you would if you ate a plate of pasta. This was a great thing, as I had a volleyball game shortly after dinner.
I think my friend felt bad about suggesting sushi once she found out I wasn’t really a big fan. And then she started worrying about me getting sick from it, because I mentioned that my body wasn’t really used to eating raw fish. Well, Jen, be calm. I felt perfectly fine, and if anything, I think I played rather well at my volleyball game.
I do love having friends who stretch my boundaries though. Friends who take me out of my comfort zone a bit and get me to try new things. It’s a way to move forward and become enlightened, even if you’re only being enlightened to the fact that sushi will never be your thing.
Dang, I forgot my camera for this one. Let’s just say, as with most Japanese food done well, the presentation was excellent. Oh, and if you do like sushi, definitely try Maki Maki. I may not like sushi, but my friend enjoyed it and she’s a bit of a sushi snob.


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