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What a Hypocrite

In Life in General on March 16, 2010 at 12:25 pm

What a hypocrite I am! I am grinning while I say this, although I know it’s true. Today I was reading a blog by a trainer who basically takes the love yourself, but make sure it’s tough love, approach. He said things in his blog that I’ve often thought of other people when they bemoan their inability to lose weight and want to blame it on everything but themselves. The title of his post was “The #1 cause of Obesity…” and then used this opening line: “…is your lame excuses.” I just about bust a gut when I read that. How true! He says things like “Your body doesn’t work on excuses.” And his response to people who say that fruit and veggies don’t fill them up enough is, “So suffer a little! Eating right will activate your bodies ability to heal itself. And it WILL heal itself, just not overnight.” And then there’s this: “Manage your expectations and get realistic. Your excuses are keeping you fat, and your fat is making you miserable.” “The choices is yours and your excuses are all played out.” I love this guy. Really. His blog posts are brilliant because he’s willing to say what no one else is. He always ends it with some version of “It’s time to love yourself again. Now go sweat it out!”
I know that I’m not exactly thin, and I’ve got some work to do yet. I know that I even occasionally whine about losing weight and how tough it is. But it really drives me nuts when all people do is complain and don’t even work towards change. Sometimes I want to shout at other people, “Your excuses are lame, just do something about it!” Sadly, that’s something I need to tell myself as well.

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