Refuse to be Passive


In Life in General on March 14, 2010 at 6:03 pm

I rarely get a Sunday when I have nothing on the go. Usually there’s youth group, or worship team, or some special event that takes up most of my day. Thus, I was delighted today to discover that I had absolutely nothing I had to do. What a wonderful opportunity to relax! The thing about relaxing is that you have to be careful. In your relaxing you cannot just sit for hours on end staring at your computer screen or TV while munching on food. This will make you feel sluggish, rather than relaxed. This is how I feel right now. Sluggish. And the thing is, I’ve done this many times before. Why do I not learn? I don’t like feeling sluggish, so why don’t I go about changing it? Really, it’s odd the way that I’m a creature of habit. It’s odd the way that even when I want to make changes, I slip right back into old habits. Darn it. It’s annoying. So, for the rest of this day, which only has the evening left, I will try to do something to pull me out of my sluggish slump. I will put away my laptop and all the munchy foods I’ve had. Maybe I’ll go for a walk, spend some time journalling, or read a few chapters out of a book. One thing I must stop though, is staring at this blasted screen. I’m sure it can’t be healthy for me. Why is it such a vice?


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