Refuse to be Passive

This too shall pass…

In Life in General on March 4, 2010 at 10:20 am

Well, it seems that my cold is on it’s way out. My voice is starting to come back a bit, and now, rather than being all croaky, I “sound like Demi Moore,” as one of my co-workers said. “Your voice is all husky.” Umm…thanks? I think? Unfortunately he didn’t say I looked like Demi Moore. Dang. Although if he had, I probably would have called him an outright liar. I rediscovered how much I truly love Fisherman’s Friends. I don’t actually like the taste or aftertaste much, but they do wonders for my throat and sinuses. Fantastic! I’ll pop one in a couple of minutes here, right before I head to volleyball class. Hopefully that will get me through without creating too much of a problem. I’m definitely still only functioning at 70% or so, but that’s a 20% improvement over yesterday.

Yesterday evening I had a volleyball game, and my serving was on. I only did a couple of spin serves, but my floats were what really brought in the points. I think I served ten in a row before we lost a rally to the other team. That’s pretty impressive considering I only learned how to float intentionally this year. Now, I need to work on placing my floats. That and I need to work on my overhead pass. I was never really taught to do that on serve receive, and now it’s a pain to learn. But, perfect practice makes perfect, so maybe it’ll come down to grabbing a friend and just having them drill balls at me shoulder height or higher. Thankfully, I have a couple of very encouraging teammates who pick me up when I’m annoyed at myself. Well, back to life. I’ll probably post again tomorrow.


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