Refuse to be Passive

Don’t just say you care

In Life in General on March 3, 2010 at 4:52 pm

So, I’m going to go out on a limb here and reveal myself as a total hypocrite. About a week ago my mom was reading “Talk to the Hand” by Lynne Truss, and there is an entire section in their on pet peeves. Initially, both my mother and I had a difficult time coming up with even a few, let alone the couple dozen Lynne suggests most of us have. But since that conversation I’ve come up with another.
It really drives me nuts when people talk about something in the world that has to change, like producing less waste or controlling obesity, and then they refuse to do anything about it. They’ve already agreed it’s a problem, yet they refuse to change. Many small changes equal big change. Why can’t people see that? Are we really so lazy in our privileged North American culture?

I have an acquaintance who eats out on a regular basis. I’ve chatted with them before about living sustainably, and the need for our generation to change things, since it doesn’t seem like anyone else takes it very seriously. I mean, we’ll change if it’s convenient, but what about when it’s not? Then we treat it like it’s no longer important. This person, since that conversation, continues to frequent fast food joints on a regular basis and I often see them dumping a drink cup in the garbage. Why not brown bag it? Even cutting down to eating fast food once a week would make a huge difference!
Or what if you’re talking about someone about the obesity epidemic in North America. I’m mildly overweight, and I have a number of friends who would fit comfortably into the overweight or obese zones in BMI (yes, I know it’s not a perfect calculator, but lets face it, we know that most of us are overweight). But then the next day you see them chomping down a cupcake or devouring a Big Mac and fries. Because weight is such a touchy issue, you can’t really call them on it. So what do you do? I know that I’m guilty of eating poorly sometimes, and if someone thinner than me called me on it, I’d probably just get annoyed. But I am trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle. But what do you do with the people who don’t want to change, even if they acknowledge a problem?

When you point a finger, there are three pointing back at you. Doesn’t change need to start at home? If we show the world what’s important to us, and if enough of us do it, we can effect big issues, many of which are political. There is power in numbers. But first, people need to be willing to take a stand, even if it means getting out of our La-Z-Boy and going out of our comfort zone.

Don’t just say you care. Act like you care.


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