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A Good Tub

In Life in General on March 2, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Right now I am dreaming of having a claw-footed bathtub. No, this has nothing to do with my previous posts on renovating and decorating my own space. This has everything to do with my cold.

A standard bathtub it too short for me to really get comfortable in and the sides aren’t high enough for me to fully submerse up to my neck. Really, when you have a cold, there is nothing nicer than a tub that you can fill with steaming hot water and just soak in, with the water coming right up to your neck. Sadly, at my current place, this is not an option. I maintain that if my parents ever move from their current house, they either need to take the tub with them, or if they can’t, then I will come down to Lethbridge and steal their tub. These modern standardized tubs lack everything that can be good about a tub. A solid, cast iron tub holds it’s heat longer, as the iron of the tub heats up. It can be filled higher than a standard tub. The curves create a greater sense of comfort. And the design of the traditional claw-footed cast iron tub is just superior in it’s elegance to what is in my current bathroom. So what if you have to reinforce the floors to bear the weight. An excellent tub is a beautiful thing.

  1. Although I have never had the pleasure of being in such a tub, I can heartily agree that modern economic tubs leave a lot to be desired.

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