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Short Visits

In Food, Life in General on February 27, 2010 at 6:09 pm

I love it when my mother comes up to visit. She was up this weekend for a quick trip. She arrived on Thursaday night so that she could attend meetings at NAIT on Friday. And then we had Friday evening and Saturday morning together before she headed back south.

Thursday evening was excellent. There’s something brilliant about two people sitting with cups of tea and catching up on the latest news and then moving on to more meaningful conversations. My father has bought a “new” pickup truck, a 2005. I’m not sure exactly the make and model, but I do know that it’s metallic orange, which I would have been alright with, except then he wanted to get it fancied up with some decals. So, now my father’s pick up truck has a small cowboy riding a horse on just below the back seat windows, and has “Trail Rider” blazened on the side of the box near the gate. He also got a stripe that runs the sides of the truck that has a bit of a barbwire feel to it. And he is prouder than a peacock. I had to laugh when I saw it. My father is a wannabe cowboy. He always has been, but this is one of the first times I’ve really noticed it. I know he loves riding, and that my parent’s basement is decorated in a bit of a country theme. My father wears the hat and boots on a regular basis, but now I really feel like they need to buy a ranch with horses to make this image of my father complete. It won’t happen, but wouldn’t that be fun!

Friday evening saw my mother, sister, and brother-in-law try an Asian restraunt we’d never been to before, called the Blue Willow. Our waitress was excellent, as was the food. I knew their ginger beef was fabulous, as I’d ordered it before from their food trailer at the street performer’s festival in the summer. Ever since then I’ve wanted to try it. Good food, good company, made for a good evening.

This morning, Saturday, saw mom and I up on time and heading to the Duchess bakery for breakfast. We got there right at 10am, which is when they open. Good timing, as I thought they opened at 9. Whoops. But they were just opening the door as we walked up. We snagged one of the few tables that grace the bakery and ordered chocolate orange scones and black coffee. Absolutely delectible. Even now, I can almost taste the scone if I think about it. That bakery always has excellent food and excellent service. It’s no wonder people were outside the door eagerly waiting for 10am.  Every time I’ve been to the Duchess on a Saturday it’s busy. I always go at different times, so all I can assume is that every Saturday is a rush all day. I bet that means the bakers’ days start mighty early. That, and apparently, there are enough rich people in Edmonton (Glenora in particular) to keep this bakery going from day to day. The amounts of money some people dropped there were massive. My $8.40 purchase seemed piddly next to the people in front of me. Still, I got service with a smile, and the young man helping me brought our coffees out to the table. From there my mother and I hit up a small consignment shop, but as usual, found nothing. Then we wandered through an excellent kitchen store called Call The Kettle Back (Black?) and while pricey, had excellent quality wares for sale. I only picked up a tea strainer, but my mother bought some new tea towels and a few other things. All in all, a delightful morning.

Then, she departed for Lethbridge again. A short trip, but as always, a good trip. I love it when my mother comes to visit and I look forward to the next time.


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