Refuse to be Passive

Living for Today

In Life in General on February 22, 2010 at 4:41 pm

Too many people live for the future, whether it’s the upcoming weekend or where we’ll be next year. Many of us just survive the present in hope of things to come. We miss so much by living like this. I am as guilty as the next person. This weekend I took a good look at my life and how I was living. Was I living in the here and now? Or was a waiting impatiently for what’s coming round the bend? Sadly, I found myself looking to the future. The thing about the future is that it becomes the present, and the future we were looking forward to becomes the present, and then all too quickly, the past. So wouldn’t it make more sense, and ultimately make us happier to live in the present? If we’re not happy with the present, wouldn’t it make sense to start working towards change now?

By living for the future and ignoring the present, I miss so many opportunities. I miss out on making new friends, on taking advantage of the activities the city has to offer. For example, this weekend I am going to the Opera for the first time with one of my friends. What an experience! I’ll have to be sure to relish the experience.

I have made new friends in Edmonton and find I often fail to make the time to spend with them, hanging out, going for coffee, hitting up the farmer’s market, or going to a movie. By living for the future I loose sight of the amazing opportunities and blessings that I have now. Therefore, I’m going to focus on living in the present, making the most of each day. Then, I truly believe that I will be able to live my life to the fullest.


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