Refuse to be Passive

Pefect Pie Crust

In Food on February 8, 2010 at 7:49 pm

For years the perfect pie crust has eluded me. It’s caused frustration and anger as well as me promising to never bake another pie. I, however, always come back to the pie. People love them, and dang it, I’m a sucker for punishment. As it so happens, one weekend a few months ago my friend Kara and I made five pies in one night. That night I had a breakthrough. Edmonton has an extremely dry climate and I was making my dough like I was in a humid one. Of course it was cracking! So, I added an extra tablespoon of water, and voila. an amazing pie crust. So, tonight I am attempting a repeat and think I have been successful thus far. Now, to get through to the end and have a success!

  1. I still can’t make a good pie crust 😦

    • I will have to teach you one of these days. It really is easy! But first, that means we actually have to see each other!

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