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Paper Paper Everywhere!

In Life in General on February 6, 2010 at 3:59 pm

Sometimes I really can’t believe all the paper that is used. Today I sat down with all the papers I needed to go through and cannot believe how much was there! And so much of it was waste. I recycled a bunch, but then there were the envelopes lined with gold or silver, that are non recyclable; or the receipts/forms that needed shredding. What a waste of paper! I tried to go paperless with my bank, but they don’t seem to get the concept. I do all my banking online anyways, but whenever I ask them to quit sending me statements, they don’t. How aggravating. Anyways, it just seems like a ton of waste and mess. Now, some things I found that I’m rather glad I found– papers I’ve been looking for for months, or may need for my records for future reference. I’ve been putting off this task for months, as it’s so daunting. Unfortunately, leaving it longer only makes it worse, not better. That being said, sometimes I make things worse in my mind than they actually are. So, now I’m nearly gone and am taking a break to make a delightful sour cream and cardamom pound cake. At least I hope it’s delightful. It’s a new recipe, so I’ll have to wait and see!

Anyway, amidst all the paper I came across one piece that I found really interesting. It was a list with little notes of what happened Feb. 15-21 of 2009, almost a year ago now. My goodness! I had quite the life that week! It pulled up memories of a house warming party I’d forgotten about, how I went to a all-Mormon girls night at my roommate’s friend’s house, and I noted that I now understood why others felt awkward when finding themselves surrounded by Christians, regardless of how nice they may be. I commented on how the paramedics and police had arrived at my house due to an issue with my roommate, that turned out to just be a bit of a scare. I also decided to come up with an alter ego of a smooth, chic writer. Screw alter ego, I am she.  I went to the Sugar Bowl twice that week, once with Chuck and Erika for lunch, a second time for a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and a bowl of chili lime popcorn. I went by myself, and if I remember correctly, it was that evening that I wrote the list I am currently re-reading. One other thing is that I told myself I should start blogging again. Well, that happened. And thanks to you who actually read this blog, it encourages me to keep going.

Quote of the day: “Everyone’s entitled to be stupid somtimes. Some people just abuse the priviledge.” – Me during the week of Feb. 15-21, 2009.


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