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Love Yourself- The Rest Will Follow

In Life in General on February 3, 2010 at 10:45 am

I read a blog by someone today who mentioned that people who aim at losing weight, often think that they can’t love themselves now, because of their weight, but that will change as they shed the pounds. The she pointed out that really the correlation between the two isn’t there. If we don’t love ourselves now, we won’t love ourselves then. This is because our weight, while a huge cultural issue, has little to do with our view of who we are as a complete person.
Food and there by weight may be a catalyst or coping mechanism, making us heavier due to the fact that we already don’t love ourselves, that there is something deeper in us that we don’t like. Therefore we eat, since it’s easier to do than change whatever it is that’s bothering us. Food never rejects you– it just sticks with you.
While most of the time I am content with who I am, I rarely feel that I’m fabulous, especially physically. I’m 5’11, with a large built, fine/thing curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and also carry some extra poundage. But the truth of the matter is, short of the last bit, that this is who I am and what I look like, so I’d better learn to love it. And I have personal experience in knowing that weight loss doesn’t change your outlook on life, unless you’ve created a lifestyle change. Just losing weight will not effect how you think about yourself in the long run (In 2007 I weighed 215 pounds, now I weigh 180). You have to make that change in your mind. And if you make that change, then you’re more likely to live out that change. If you love yourself first, you’ll start living like you love yourself. You’ll do what has to be done to give you the best life you can have. While difficult, for many North Americans, that means losing weight because it increases quality of life. Love yourself first and the rest will follow.


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