Refuse to be Passive

The Pint

In Food, Life in General on January 28, 2010 at 12:54 pm

For the past few months, when I drive south on 109th downtown, I’ve had this incredible urge to stop at a new pub. It’s called The Pint and yesterday evening my volleyball teammates and I hit it up for a beer after the game. (Now, I wish I was part of the Flying Mongooses’ team because they go for ice cream. That, and it’s a dang cool team name). Anyway, when I stepped in I was ID’d which was nice, because I didn’t have to worry about it later. I was pretty impressed they’d take an old style pub, knocked out a few walls, put a few side rooms on, updated it a bit, and went from there. It had a good atmosphere with music that wasn’t too loud, and clearly it was a popular hang out for the mid-20’s crowd, although almost all age groups were represented. It had a stellar tin roof, you know, the kinds with the designs in it? Love it! My Guiness was also well poured ($7), and the fries were excellent (I have no clue, I stole off Russ’ plate.)! The server was excellent and the company I was with was pretty good as well. All the good people from my team, and none of the people who drive me nuts. Sweet.
But what really took me by surprise is how crowded it was on a Wednesday evening just after 9pm. Not a word of a lie, there were no empty tables, and we managed to snag one only by hanging out by a table that looked like they were near ready to leave. Super busy. I can’t imagine that place on a Friday or Saturday night. Apparently you can expect to wait in line for 45min.-1hr. just to get in. Absurd. I think I’ll steer clear on weekends.
All in all, thoroughly enjoyable, and a place I would definitely frequent again.


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