Refuse to be Passive


In Life in General on January 25, 2010 at 10:10 am

The snow we had this weekend was the most beautiful I think I’ve ever seen, bright and shimmery, it floated down, highlighted by the light from the street lamps, in the darkness of the evening. It wasn’t all that cold out, which meant I had time to walk slowly and pay attention to think like the shape of the tracks my shoes made, and how these glistening flakes were big, flat, and icy. Not a fluffy snowflake, but light as air none the less. It covered everything, cars, trees, roads, and made it all look fresh and special. I had to stop in at the mechanic’s before work to get the lugs on my wheels tightened after last week’s alignment, and wandered around outside while I waited. At one point, the mechanic said to me, “If you’re cold, you can wait inside.” To which I politely declined, citing that I already spend the entire day inside and it was so beautiful outside. God really does do some beautiful things with His creation. Sometimes I wonder how he came up with all the differences. It’s so impressive!

I found myself wishing that I had a card in my camera so I could take a picture, but sadly, that was left in my laptop at home. The thing I wished after that was that I was at my aunt and uncle’s in Orillia, ON. They live on an acreage in the country, and I found myself wishing to be there, looking out their back windows over the snow and trees, holding a warm cup of tea in my hand, the soft light from the kitchen behind me, where I’d been working on a crossword puzzle. I haven’t been to my aunt and uncle’s in a couple of years, and so it was a bit odd that that was the place I desired to be, but some of my best winter memories, so of my most relaxed winter memories, come from the week I spent at their house.

I may not have the view, but shortly I will have a warm drink in my hands. I’m off to get coffee.


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