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Good friends

In Life in General on January 23, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Good friends are such a blessing. Really. Most of us have at least one or two close friends, and too often we take them for granted. I met with one of my friends this morning for coffee. We can talk for hours, about life, struggles, joys, and anything in between. It’s amazing to have friends that you can share absolutely anything with, without worry of the ramifications, or the fact that they’ll care about you any less. I had a couple of these friends back in university, sadly, now we are strewn across the country. However I have one in Edmonton, besides my sister (whom I love dearly), that I’ve been particularly thankful for, even if her move back to Edmonton had her less than thrilled. I was thrilled. I’ve known her for years, as we were friends through elementary and a bit of Jr. High (she’ll correct me on the years if I’m wrong). As far as I know her first memory of me is not a good one. She’s never been a girly girl, and her first memory of me is from church, and I was wearing a blue party dress, with white lace and small pink flowers. Now, I wasn’t a girly girl either, but she didn’t know that. I seem to recall my efforts at becoming friends fell rather flat at the beginning. Now, whenever people ask me how we know eachother, the fact that she thought I was a bit of a dork for my dress comes up. Apparently looks do count for something. But honestly, I’m pretty thankful she’s around. Even if she does bring up stories I’d rather be left dead. Good friends are hard to come by. Make sure you treasure yours.

  1. thumbs up for old friends.

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