Refuse to be Passive

Concert Night

In Art on January 18, 2010 at 10:37 am

It was a busy weekend. After going to Wingfield’s Lost and Found on Friday night, on Saturday I went with a friend to see blues singer and Juno award winner Rita Chiarelli. I’d never heard of her before, but had gotten a deal on the tickets through a co-worker. I called up a friend and invited her along and off we went! I had to laugh at my friend, as she commented halfway through that she liked the music, but the lyrics were depressing. Had she never heard of blues before? It was a great concert, even if it was riddled with colourful jokes. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I really appreciated the names of some of the songs, like “Loving You is Killing Me”. Listen to the song if you wish, it’s got some great puns. There were a number of songs that I really enjoyed, and she even did a little Elvis, and an Italian song. Lots of fun. My friend and I were deffinitely on the young side though. I think I could have counted the under-30s on one hand. Most people were in their fifties. But what a great experience then, to get to go to a concert that most people my age probably didn’t even know about!


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