Refuse to be Passive

Sportsmanship…or lack thereof

In Uncategorized on January 7, 2010 at 9:53 am

So every once in a while my team loses at volleyball. We do it to ourselves by not playing smart, missing serves, spiking the ball out, and bad passes. So be it. The thing that really bugs me is how we react. I’ve always been overly competitive, but it’s really bad when you get an entire team of people like that. When we start losing, we get frustrated. When we get frustrated, we get desperate. When we get desperate, we mess up. On my team there i s a lot of swearing that goes on, most of which I won’t repeat here. It’s a real struggle for me to keep my language in check. Yesterday, after losing a game, I got to thinking about the way that my faith should impact the way I play sports. I commented to another player on my team that I was unhappy about my reaction to losing. She told me that I wasn’t any worse than the rest of my team. That just about broke my heart. I wanted to tell her that I should be, because I’m a Christian, but was sure it would be taken the wrong way– as demeaning to the rest of the team. But really, I should be the one on my team who stands out for their clean language, and calm determination. I shouldn’t be just like everyone else. I have someone bigger than myself whom I serve. When I get on the volleyball court though, my focus and competiveness take over, and I cease to recognize that God also needs to have control over this part of my life. May God forgive me. And may He show me a better way.


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