Refuse to be Passive

Heading Home

In Uncategorized on December 24, 2009 at 12:33 pm

Today, I take a seven and a half hour trip south on the Greyhound, arriving just in time to ring in Christmas with my family. I have to admit a bit of sadness, as I will be on the bus during the Candlelight Service my parents attend every year at the local Lutheran church, but that is a minor thing next to my happiness at being able to celebrate the birth of Christ with family. Some people have been dealt different cards, in that they don’t have family to celebrate with, or if they do, the don’t get along together, and so Christmas for them is filled with sadness, anger, and pain. God has blessed me so richly with a family that gets along together, who loves each other regardless of our faults, and each of us has plenty of those. So this afternoon I will get on a bus and head out from Edmonton, with an hour and a half layover from Calgary to arrive home shortly before midnight. My father will be there waiting to pick me up, probably in his coveralls, like last year, when he’d been toying around with the car in the garage shortly before picking me up. Or maybe, this year he and my mom will come together to get me (not likely, as she’s no night owl, but maybe), and then we’ll hit up our favourite local pizza place in true family Christmas tradition.

The week will be a quiet one, with Christmas filled with attending church and then having Christmas dinner with family friends. Boxing day until New Year’s Eve will be quiet. This year I’ve decided not to try to shove twenty million coffee/hang out sessions into the week. If people would like to see me, I’d like to see them, and we’ll work something out. But I have three books I’d like to get done, so I imagine much of my time will be spend in the living room, nursing a London Fog, and turning pages in my books. It sounds like heaven.


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