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The Duchess is Grand

In Food on December 21, 2009 at 8:36 pm

The Duchess Bake Shop is one of Edmonton’s newest treasures. With great ambience, friendly service, and fantastic food, this bake shop delivers on every level. When you walk into this establishment you feel you’ve entered an alternate world. That might just be because we were coming off the muddy, snowy 124th St into a pristine, white, posh feeling shop with great ambience and character (unlike so many stores in Edmonton). Here, it’s all about the details. While I was told that the macaroons were rather wonderful, I didn’t feel like paying $1.50 for the worlds smallest cookie, and I’m not that into macaroons anyways. But there were so many fantastic looking thing that I just couldn’t try them all. So, I went for the chocolate meringue and a pumpkin spice cup. Both were excellent, and very tasty, although to be honest, I probably should have ordered something I couldn’t make at home (or would just never choose to make at home), such as a chocolate croissant. But delightful food. It makes a great stop for an afternoon snack and a cup of coffee. Check it out. It’s worth your time, I guarantee it. But don’t expect it to be cheap, because that’s one thing it’s not. But remember, you get what you pay for. Next time I frequent this delightful shop, I’ll be trying the Earl Grey Shortbread, and maybe a one of their meringue cakes. Delectable. 



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