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Happy Birthday to Me, Happy…

In Uncategorized on December 19, 2009 at 9:32 am

I’m sitting here at my laptop at 8:30 am. It’s my 25th birthday and there is a fresh layer of beautiful white snow out on the ground. I’m about to go out for breakfast with eight of my girl friends, and I can’t wait to see each one of them. One is even coming from an hour and a bit out of town for the event. Yeah for friends! Last night I got four and a half hours of sleep, after being invited to a get together at a friend’s house. I honestly meant to leave earlier than that, but there was good conversation with good people, and that is something that is all too often passed up.  My friend Jill came as my wingwoman(?) to help me out if things turned out to be terribly awkward, as I’d never attended anything at this friend’s house before. Jill was a bit late, so I steeled myself and headed in alone. Thankfully, it turned out I knew over half of the people there, and got along really well with all of them. I even got to see some people I hadn’t chatted with in months and had a bit of time to catch up. So good! And when Jill got there, they all included her and made her feel welcome. How fantastic! A great group of people. It was with this group of people that I rang in my birthday at midnight and got well wishes all around. Quite stellar. I feel very blessed. 

Anyways, time to jet for my morning breakfast. The day has already started out great, and hopefully will continue that way.


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