Refuse to be Passive

In twenty minutes…

In Life in General on December 16, 2009 at 7:40 pm

In twenty minutes I will be taking an exam that tests my knowledge of film and literature. I am finally starting to get nervous, after days a not caring enough to study. It’s a pity when you don’t care until it’s too late. Unfortunately, that’s the way it usually works out. I’m not worried about failing the course or anything, but I will be disappointed in myself if I have an overall grade of B- rather than A- simply because I didn’t study enough. Now, I attended all the lectures, took notes, typed my notes up after classes, read through some of them yesterday, did mostly all the readings (like 90%), and so I should do fairly well on this exam, provided that my mind doesn’t blank. So, say a little prayer and wish me luck. I’m off to see how much I’ve learned.


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