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Stranger Than Fiction– A Film Review

In Movies with a bit of TV on December 15, 2009 at 4:43 pm

For the past couple of years, one of my favourite movies has been Will Ferrell’s Stranger Than Fiction. This semester I decided to take a course in Film and Literature, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. One of the last films we watched was Stranger Than Fiction, where we tackled postmodernity in film. The prof had mentioned that this film tended to get rather poor reviews. I couldn’t believe this, so I started tracking down reviews from various sources, and sure enough, the good reviews were few and far between. I took a bit of offense to this, as it seemed that the reviewers were attacking what I loved in the film. It wasn’t your normal chic flick, action movie, or family drama. It dared to step outside the lines of the ordinary. And it got slammed. This movie is brilliant. It’s better every time you watch it, from the GUIs that give us insight into who Harold Crick is, to the slightly despressing character of Karen Eifel, who is trying to determine how to kill her main character (who turns out to be Harold), this movie is a pure delight. It’s funny, but not crass.  It’s original, but not plain weird. It’s all around fantastic. No, it’s not your typical Will Ferrell movie, and if you’re looking for one of those peices of _____, then feel free to move on. But if you want a good, insightful, original piece on life and art, this is your stop. Watch it, you won’t regret it.

Note: I am bias. I have an English degree and love to bake…you’ll get it. But I also have other people who will back me up on the fabulousness of this movie.


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