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Facebook- A Love Hate Relationship

In Life in General on December 10, 2009 at 5:35 pm

Remember the days when Facebook was only for university students? Oh, how I long for those days again, when the only people you networked with were people walking a similar road to you. But now, it seems like everyone is on Facebook. And people who didn’t give you the time of day in high school all of a sudden want to be your “friend” so they can see how your life has turned out.  I am sad to admit it, but I think I check my Facebook as often as I check  my e-mail. I cringe at the thought. Although to be fair, I mostly check the e-mail portion of it. And then all my youth are on Facebook, so that’s where we have our group page and how we communicate. So in some ways it’s nice. It can be a good centralized location for a group, and I appreciate that. But dang, I hate how I’ve become dependent on it and feel like I’ve missed a part of my day if I don’t check it. In some ways it feels like I’ve been cursed with Facebook.

And then, there are the people who add you as a friend and you say yes, but you really don’t know them that well. Then you read their profile and you feel like you know way more about that person than you ever wanted to. Or sometimes I on add them and then choose not to read their profiles. I enjoy getting to know a person by talking, rather than by reading. It’s so much more fun to not know everything. But I’ll add them if I need to know how to get a hold of them, or want to play a game with them online. So for that purpose I suppose I’m okay with it. But I have someone who just added me as a friend. I read his wall (brief notes other people left for him), but chose not to read his profile, look at pictures, or check out the groups he’s in. It’s too much info about a person I’d rather get to know in person. This is actually first, but I think it will be a good development. I can’t wait for the day that person goes, “What, you didn’t read it on Facebook?” That’s right. I didn’t read it on Facebook. I won’t let it control my life.

And come January, I’m planning on taking a social media fast. No Facebook, no reading blogs (although I’ll continue to write), no TV or movies. I’m going off all of it cold turkey. Ouch, it could be painful. But I think my days will become filled with better things, and I won’t sit in front of my computer screen like a veal. Anyone else care to partake?


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