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In Life in General on December 9, 2009 at 10:48 am

Yesterday I brought two pies in to work. This morning, they’re gone. One was pecan, the other Lemon Meringue. I make the crusts myself, and it took me a good bit to figure out how to make them again. I think I made six before the pastry took on the right consistency to roll out without huge issues.
Anyway, yesterday one of my co-workers asked if he could buy pies from me. After seven pies in one night, I was pretty pied out, and so agreed to nothing. I made a comment about not being sure about it, as making pie dough is a bit of work. He commented that I could buy it as he couldn’t tell the difference. I asked him why he didn’t then make them himself, as the crust is the hard part. He said he had no desire to make it himself, and he didn’t know how. I didn’t ask my next question, but it would have been, “Why not buy it from the store if you can’t tell the difference? It would probably be cheaper.” I don’t know what it is about homemade pies and the concept of them being some sort of extravagance. Anyway, depending on how I feel after making seven dozen ginger cookies, I’ll contemplate it. We’ll see.


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